Welcome to Swiss Investment Funds SICAV plc.

Founded August, 23rd 2007 as a multi-fund umbrella Collective Investment Scheme focused on providing professional investor fund platforms to eligible counterparties and professional clients. The Scheme is controlled by Van Sterling Capital Ltd., a Maltese Asset Manager, which also provides discretionary investment management services to the various sub-funds under the Scheme. Most individuals have experienced the euphoria associated with being part of a winning team, whether as a child or an adult, be it sports, academic or business. What was the differentiating factor that made that team “the best”? It is our belief that successful teams not only have the greatest knowledge and skill-set but also an intangible quality often referred to as “team chemistry”. Using our internal and external relationships, we assemble an Asset & Solutions Management Team of unparalleled professional collaboration just for you and your targets. A team with the specialization of knowledge necessary to solve your personal financial concerns. A team with ‘chemistry”. Many of our prospective clients already have committed and trusting relationships with professional advisors, as a result, those advisors ultimately take an active role as part of your new Asset & Solutions Management Team. We wish you a pleasant visit to our website. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries regarding the content of our web platform. Sincerely, Sven Büchel (CEO Van Sterling Capital Ltd.)